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Property Sourcing

Free Consultation

Suitable for Investment/Self-occupied


GBP100,000 to 1,000,000
have options

Propertry Type

Flats, Terrace House, Detached Houses
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Properties all over the UK

Manchester, Liverpool
Leeds, Bolton, Bradford
Burnley, Wigan,
Wirral, Oldham,
Aston, Wakefield, etc.

Take care of your needs

Rent first, live later; live first, rent later
rent out or keep it for your own use, etc.

we only provide high quality properties to our clients

We have a professional team in both the UK and Hong Kong
Helping landlord to resolve any issues
regarding UK properties in HK

we only provide high quality properties to our clients

Avoid properties that require high maintenance
or have low rentability

Properties selection

Helps you to select school catchment area and CBD
City Centre, high rental demand area

View first, decide later;

Ensure properties suit your requirement

Red Brick provides you different types of high quality properties with different price in different cities arcoss the UK. Whatever you want to rent it out or keep it for your own use, or purchase a property in school catchment area or city centre, our Red Brick teams in HK will assist you to resolve any issues regarding UK properties with our one-stop buy & sell, letting and solicitors service.

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Other questions

Different property types have different mortgage interest rates and application times – HMOs are only eligible for mortgage application approximately a year after purchase, whereas second-hand properties are eligible for mortgage application upon purchase. The interest rate varies for different types of properties.
The entire procedure involves lawyers, surveyors, banks, buyers, and sellers. We work hard to shorten the entire procedure to under 6 months, so that our buyers can obtain the property of their choice at the earliest.
Buyers are responsible for lawyer fees and property price. Depending on the property type, there could also be other expenses required for different properties.
The United Kingdom welcomes everyone to purchase properties in their country, whether it be for self use or investment purposes, there are no restrictions on citizenship, identity or investment amount.
In addition to assistance in purchasing a property, we also can help our clients to sell their property when there is such a need!
We offer a one-stop service, assisting our clients in areas such as property, rental, and letting management, making overseas property management easy as a breeze.
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