Red Brick Property is a UK Property Investment platform that procures quality properties, including HMO (House in Multiple Occupation), second-hand properties, and shares the latest news on property investment.

Our Service

Red Brick Property-英國HMO
As the population in the United Kingdom increases, housing is in short supply. We provide brand new 5-star HMO residences with a net rental return starting from 8%in popular areas such as Leeds, Liverpool, Oldham, etc!
Red Brick Property-英國二手物業代理
UK Second-hand Properties
There is an amount of quality second-hand properties in the United Kingdom across different cities that can provide for comfortable living and/or rental that best suits your needs.
UK property information
Investors often hope for stable long-term returns in the United Kingdom while avoiding property-related traps by absorbing the latest information. We aim to provide the latest and most comprehensive UK investment information, aiding you to better understand the UK property investment market.

Who Are We?

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Making a user-friendly
and credible UK property Platform

Red Brick is committed to provide a user-friendly and reliable UK property investment information platform, assisting our users with professional investment property analysis. From after-sales to management, we help our users to overcome any challenges regarding UK property investment, realising the UK homeowner dream!
Since 2013
Red Brick has had its roots in the UK for many years, providing the most suitable residences and property investments to our clients. A partnership among professional property investors, local banks, law firms, and area property specialists makes the search for high return and comfortable properties possible. From tax filing to legal procedures, from purchasing to selling, we have a designated person to assist our clients every step of the way.
The Future of Property
The UK population forecast is to exceed 70 million by 2028, yet the rate that the government builds new homes is behind by 20 years. With the yearly increase in international students and overseas workers, along with the continuous development in London and Northern cities, a big bull market is expected in the UK property market in the next 10 years.
Our Core Values
We focus in providing the most suitable and top-tier service for our tenants and landlords. Searching for suitable tenants for our investors, and a suitable and comfortable home for our tenants.

Focus, Specialise, Professional

Through our professionalism and hard work in the UK, Red Brick hopes to provide professional, reliable, and safe quality properties to our investors and homeowners.

Professional one-stop management service, ensuring high tenancy rate

Red Brick has completed 15 different property projects and managed close to 800 rooms. Our service includes a complete design and refurbishment, each property can be tenanted in one week to one month’s time, reaching a 95% occupancy rate.

Customise the most suitable UK property purchasing plan

Customise the most realistic and suitable property investment plan according to your actual needs and circumstances, helping you to overcome any accommodation, education or investment related challenges.

Experience Speaks Everything

We hold over 10 years of UK property investment experience, together with the background of being a UK listed company, we commit to realising your UK homeowner dream. Integrity, authenticity, and capability is the promise we make to each and every one of our clients.

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